Jamie Maclean

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I was born in Winnipeg and grew up as a child in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. My mom raised me and my brother on her own and put herself through school and gave us a really incredible life. I came from a really good childhood with lots of family, lots of friends, and lots of community. I was a pretty straight cut kid but when I moved to Victoria that’s when I started drinking and getting into fights. When I was 28, 5 of my friends passed away that were very close to me so I cast God away from my life because I believed that there could not be a God if something so unfair could happen. So I started living life as if it was day-to-day instead of planning for the future. I stopped accomplishing goals and I stopped doing things to better my life and I became very stagnant. I started realizing that that was not the path I wanted to go down so I called my mom to tell her that I want to go back to Vancouver. I fell away from drinking and applied to BCIT to take metal fabrication and get into engineering. I got hired to work on mining equipment in Prince George and Tumbler Ridge. It was exciting and since they would fly you out to where they needed you, I was living out of hotels. From there I started drinking again because of the boredom of being in a hotel. I was making a lot of money and was dating a lawyer. We were living a very good life, but the girl I was with was a regular drinker and so I started drinking again. It was not her fault; I made my own decision. But our relationship was starting to fall apart and communication was breaking down.

I moved out, got my own place, and quit drinking and doing drugs completely. Things were going great but I started drinking again. One night I ended up assaulting a police officer and at that point I’m in jail and asking the chaplain for help. As I talked to the chaplain, the alcohol and addictions counsellor, and my lawyer, all three said the same thing: Luke 15. Ever since I’ve been at Luke 15, everything’s just been falling into place. Call it God’s will but everything’s just been coming up right and my relationship with my family, my mother, my brother, and everybody has become so much better. I’m at peace with myself and I’ve forgiven myself and other people. Now coming to soup kitchens like the Surrey Urban Mission to feed people and volunteer allows me to give back to the community. Life is good. I thank Jesus and I thank God and I thank Luke 15 and I thank all the people that just put up with me. Hope is a powerful thing. I’m glad to be back and living life to the fullest, having goals, aspirations, seeing through the clouds and being able to have the sun hit my face again, and planning for the future.