Juan Thompson

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Coming to SUMS and helping people as a volunteer has helped me as a person to grow more in grace, patience, and learning to be more compassionate. You realize that even though you may be going through something hard in a day it can be nothing compared to what some others go through. I can be complaining about stuff that could go away and there are people who have issues and problems that stay with them for years. It’s made me realize that there’s a bigger picture out there beyond me. The whole point of it is that we’re human and we’re helping people that need help. The first time I came here I guess I didn’t notice the bigger picture of what was being done here. At first I thought it was all just a vicious cycle but it’s not. People actually get out. People get into rehab and recovery. People do have their lives changed. This place does matter to a lot of people. I love coming here.