Randy Roblin

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When I first found out about SUMS, I was on my own and single living in an old one bedroom place I found. But being on a fixed income I was finding it really tough. Then someone told me about SUMS and I started coming here. It really helped out and really made things better for me. I was able to survive till the end of the months and still have food in my cupboards because of it. There were times when I needed shoes and needed clothing and they helped me out. The staff is great and you can talk to them about problems and they’ll sit there and listen. If they can help you they will. There’s not a lot of resources out there that’s willing to do that much with somebody. The government says we can’t do this and we can’t do that, so you live at home with mom and dad. But here it’s not that. What I’ve noticed about this place is that they don’t judge us. you could be coming here worth a million dollars or dirt poor, they treat you the same, they don’t care. Everybody’s the same at SUMS. And I like that. I feel comfortable here and it humbles me coming here. Because I see people that are less fortunate than me and it makes me appreciate what I have all the more.