Sally Ann

About 22 years ago, my husband and I started a pancake breakfast at St. Helen's church. Two years after we started, a lady came to help us and we ended up handing over the whole thing to her because we've done it for three years and it was just becoming too much. Then fast forward to five or six years ago, I was looking for a job and ended up coming to SUMS place.  I recognized the lady that I handed it all over to and she hired me for the shelter. Immediately I knew that I had set something up that at the time I couldn't have grown into what it has become. But God started it through me and continued it on with others. What I find very funny is that for the last three years, I've been running the Christmas lunch that I started and now I'm doing the same work and even the breakfast is still running on Saturdays which is amazing. So I just think God works amazingly. He told me when my kids were very little that I would go on a mission trip and to wait until they're older. Now they're older and I have my grandchildren and this is the time. Every day I go on a mission trip and every day I go home. I really love it.

A couple years ago, a man named Paul, who had been on the streets for probably over 20 years was dying of cancer and a lady named June helped him get into a hospice care. I went and visited him and he was laying on the bed with the television in front of him and he kept looking at me like as if he was heaven already. He said "Sally, if all my friends on the street knew how great it would be to be dying, they would get cancer too. Because look at me, I'm lying on the bed, I'm in a room, I've got a TV with a remote control," and he kept changing the channels. He was so happy. He died in comfort with people around him that love him and that's what SUMS is about. We care about the people on the street. We try our hardest to love them as much as we can unconditionally. We don't judge people here and we're trying to get them to help themselves. And for a couple of hours everyday there’s a place that they know they're loved.