March: The Second Part to the Story

Last month I told a story about my ability to bring peace to a situation. Well, before anyone thinks that I move around SUMS flawlessly bringing peace to all, I have a new story to tell you. Yesterday, as I walked around the building I came upon four guests behaving in such a way that I had to suspend their privileges for one meal. One of the four took great exception and started to argue with me. When I didn’t flex, he started calling me names. He was on me swearing about not caring, being a bad Christian and I should try being homeless. I walked away, which is a learned behaviour that I did not acquire easily. I went back inside and moments later he was at my window and he called me the name that everyone on the street sees as the worst name, “you GOOF.” Normally I would ignore this and wait for a cooling off period and follow up the next time he comes into the mission. But today, I had enough. I jumped out of my chair and ran outside and yelled at him. “Kevin . . . what?” I yelled. He was already at the end of the block and he yelled back, “I just want some food. You don’t know what it is like being homeless.” “After working here for two years, I am starting to get a good idea,” I replied, still yelling and momentarily pleased with my wit. “Oh yah! You should try sleeping outside!” As if I hadn’t heard that one before. I yelled loud enough for anyone within a half block to hear, “If I was homeless, I wouldn’t sleep outside because I wouldn’t miss the shelter curfew!” Kevin just walked away. I know it wasn’t the meanest thing to yell, but I yelled and failed to be a peacemaker. I am not sure why I reacted, probably because I got called a “goof” one too many times. Sometimes I forget that this is not about me and instead the old me makes an appearance. It is at times like this I cling to Romans 8:28:
“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. I did not see Kevin today, but I know that God will work this to His good because I love Him and I know that He chose me, even with my faults, to be part of His plan.”

Written by Mike Musgrove