May: Heavenly Father’s Priorities

"You know, Mike, it doesn't really matter how much you love someone in the good times; especially if things fall apart when times are tough. What matters is how well love stands up when things are tough."

These words were spoken to me by one of our guests when he came in for breakfast. What he did not know is that I had been battling bitterness all morning and as these words were spoken I knew they were from our Heavenly Father. Life for guests at the mission is tough. Life at the mission is often tough. Christ calls us to love the poor and the needy; He calls us to love the unlovable. Being an extension of Christ is not a call of occasion it is a daily call. A call to pick up the cross and follow. To serve. Loving when it's easy is easy. Loving when it's hard is remembered. It's life altering. Jesus devoted time to the people whose needs were most evident, as were their sins. Where in our lives do we need to follow Christ's example? It seems as though life is a constant exercise in giving up and following. No one ever breathes his last wishing he had done more paperwork, replied to more emails, or wrote fancier newsletters. Let's not wish we had loved more, hugged more, shared more; let's give up our plans daily to take on His!

Written by Stephanie & Mike Musgrove